MummenschanzThursday 3 October at 21.00
Teatro Astra


artistic direction Floriana Frassetto
with Christa Barrett, Kevin Blaser, Tess Burla, Camille Denkinger, Oliver Pfulg
technician Eric Sauge
duration 120' | without words | buy ticket

The company Mummenschanz has completely revolutionized the art of mime arousing surprise, amazement and laughter on the five continents. You&Me is a completely new show: bodies that act and give life to the different characters with the help of enchanting lights that create ”the perfect illusion” to tickle the child that is inside each of us.
Mummenschanz has paved the way for a new form of visual theatre that has since generated multiple new genres claiming its legacy. Creating a playful but compelling experience through the inventive use of shadow, light and creative manipulation of objects, these “musicians of silence” bring on stage an evocative metamorphosis of shapes and colors with purely visual stories that will leave you speechless. You&Me invites you away from everyday life and takes you on a journey beyond reality, in a game of unlimited imagination.

MUMMENSCHANZ: a well-known Swiss theatre group founded in 1972 by Bernie Schürch and Andres Bossard (now deceased) and the Italian Floriana Frassetto. The mimes of the company do not use either music or scenery and never show their faces, they only use bodily expressiveness to attribute personality to objects, also used as masks. A theater with a nonverbal language that has especially developed the work about the concept of mask. Large objects, masks, constantly changing bodies on a neutral background. In more than 40 years of activity the company represented its shows all over the world. In America, it conquered Broadway and also participated in an episode of the lucky animated series of the Seventies: The Muppet Show. For the first time exceptional guests at INCANTI.

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