Tortue Noir
Friday 4 October from 20.00h

Monday 7 October from 20.00h
Laboratorio Casa del Teatro


staging Dany Lefrançois, visual concept Martin Gagnon, Julie Pelletier, musical and sound concept Guillaume Thibert, with Martin Gagnon, animation Dany Lefrançois

duration 20' | without words | buy ticket

A mysterious scientist makes explosive experiments in his laboratory. Under his magical hands the objects are transformed and, unbeknownst to him, even the thoughts that come to life on his head. Symbolizing the planet Earth, the skull of the man becomes the bearer of his visions about the creation of the world.
The company has presented this and other shows in Canada, Italy, Mexico, Czech Republic, Belgium and France, receiving numerous awards. The show investigates the actor / animator relationship offering, for the ingenuity of its sound and visual conception, an empirical and sinuous vision of the upheaval of humanity. An ode to creation.

The performance will be repeated on 04/10 at 21.30 and 22.00, and on 07/10 at 21.00

TORTUE NOIRE places the object at the center of the creative process. In the theater of La Tortue Noire, the object becomes a subject in its own right, giving rise to gesture, and the scope on which the melody of the moving body is written. Concerned  by the work of the interpreter, they seek new approaches to manipulation and to the actor / manipulator relationship by offering performances that bring together acting, puppet theatre and theatre of forms and animated objects. The company has nine original creations and has performed in Canada, Italy, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Belgium and France, receiving numerous awards including the Chagall Award Gallery, an important Czech Republic award.

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