Sacchi sabbia

Friday 4 October 20.30h
Sala Grande Casa del Teatro


text Giovanni Guerrieri
stage construction Giulia Gallo

with Giulia Gallo, Giovanni Guerrieri, Giulia Solano
designs Guido Bartoli, direction Giovanni Guerrieri, Giulia Gallo, with the collaboration of Giulia Solano
production Ass. Teatrale Pistoiese/I Sacchi di Sabbia with the support of Regione Toscana

duration 50' | buy ticket

The project The 4 Musketeers grew out of an idea of John's Warriors and Rodolfo Sacchettini eighty years after the success of the homonymous radio program of Nizza and Morbelli, from which I Sacchi di Sabbia have made a sequel: first, with a radio drama –for Radio 3 in the project Radio Days Santarcangelo 14– and now, this theatrical performance that recreates, in an innovative visual experimentation, the atmosphere and characters of the radio drama. The show is set in the 30s in America amid gangsters, babes and shootings, towards the dream of a new greatness that only cinema can satisfy. A pastiche that -in the manner of Nice and Morbelli- makes use of stylistic contaminations: from the cinema of Billy Wilder to the texts of Jules Verne and modern graphic novels. The heart of this adventure is to return a radio drama to its visual fruition, tracing figures that leave the work of imagining to the viewer.

I Sacchi di Sabbia was born in Pisa in 1995. Distinguished over the years at a national level, they have received important awards for the particularity of their research marked by the reinvention of a contemporary popular scene. In perennial oscillation between tradition and research, between comic and tragic, the work of I Sacchi di Sabbia materializes a language hovering between different arts (visual arts, dance, music). Winner in 2000 and 2001 of the PRIZE ETI, in 2008 they received the special prize UBU and the Critics award. In 2016 they received the Lo Straniero award "for their ability to combine organizational minimalism with witty and often hilarious works of simple and yet irresistible vitality, first of all, Sandokan and  Don Giovanni. Their specific character is lightness...”

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