regione piemonte INCANTI International Puppet Theatre Festival, XXIV edition: presentation words from Piedmont Region minister of culture and turism  Antonella Parigi

The Regione Piemonte renews its engagement and its attention in supporting the promotional activities for live shows as part of the regional cultural programme. By doing so, we aim to increasingly encourage the realisation of high quality initiatives. These initiatives have been able to create a schedule full of opportunities that is now a characteristic of our area. The rich and varied programme include a large range of contents, subjects, and locations that is able to satisfy a very wide audience and that has become a tourist attraction, too.

In this context, the Piedmont theatrical system showcases a more and more wide and varied schedule, thanks to a lot of successful experiences and as a result of the rich artistic production and of the increasing number of high quality events and initiatives. In this scenario, the experience of the International Puppet Theatre Festival "Incanti" has taken form over the years. It's become a point of reference on the regional stage, thanks to its multidisciplinary and multifaceted artistic programme, which combines an important international dimension and a special attention for the regional realities. The Festival has therefore become an opportunity to create a space of contact and cohesion for a lot of interesting artistic propositions. Incanti's consolidated formula is present also in the 2017 edition: its topic, the link between music and puppet theatre, proves once more the Festival's tendency to multidisciplinarity and research. The Regione Piemonte is happy to contribute to this event that is able to attract not only theatre lovers, but also a totally new audience.

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