9Wednesday, October 12
Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani
Sala Grande, 20:30

LOCOMOTIVE 1861 - notes for an Italian birthday

text of Marina Allegri
directed by Maurizio Bercini
sets and costumes Laboratory Ca Luogo d'Arte: Maurizio Bercini, Donatello Galloni, Ilaria Commisso, Giuseppina Fabbi
original music by Paolo Codognola
with Francesca Gonzo, Dario Eduardo de Falco, Francesco Grossi

The eighteenth edition of Incanti festival opens with a performance of actors and puppets who wants to "revise" the history of Italy in a fun and light way, addressing an audience of adults and children.
A driver tries in vain to put in motion a large steam locomotive, metaphor of Italy once launched toward the future and now still in need of repair. While trying every trick to fix it, the locomotive magically opens and reveals to the audience the room of "Patria" (homeland), said Patty, ready to celebrate her birthday. The only guest is the driver.
Among hilarious encounters with the Founding Fathers, literary and historical references, musical parodies, romantic love stories, the show runs a light-hearted journey through a century of Italian life, telling about the unification, the hopes, the disappointments, and finally about the importance of the knowledge of our history.
Memory is a muscle and must be exercised with perseverance and passion. And theatre can do it.

 7Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani
Foyer, 22.00

PEOPLE THEATRE / Gianluca Di Matteo (Italy)
of the Italic "bonificatori" of the fatal indigenous borbonics (DEBUT)

by and with Gianluca Di Matteo

Starting from the streets of Turin a semi-serious testimony of the life and times of the Risorgimento. Opera for puppets and scientists in one act and one "wheeling and dealing"

2Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani
Sala Piccola, 22.30

PIP 2011

Production INCANTI Project
directed by Gyula Molnar
with Beatrice Baruffini, Daniela Carucci, Marta Cuscunà and Irene Vecchia.
Assistant director Paolo Colombo

Starting point:
"I hate the indifferent people," said Antonio Gramsci. Those who remain indifferent flattens against the wall and leave acting to others. They do not take part, do not go in any direction, never in the first place, never in the second. They are never. Sometimes they do not even look. They barely breathe. They survives. The man indifferent does not rebel, does not feel passion, does not create, does not dream, does not invent, not shout, not cook, not point, not smile. he has a soft body and doesn't sparks. This is why I do not want to be indifferent. I would, in my way, with the few tools that I have, find the courage to choose a path. A road, a direction. To do that I have to train every day and I'm always afraid that the time is never enough. To do this in the best way I need teachers, exchanges, examples, ideas, weapons. I look around, forward, backward, take notes, I ask questions. I am looking for accomplices.

Beatrice Baruffini and accomplices: Daniela Carucci, Martha Cuscunà, Julius Molnar, Irene Vecchia

 3Thursday, October 13
Regional Museum of Natural Sciences
Entrance to the museum, 20.30

PEOPLE THEATRE / Marco Grilli (Italy)

by and with Marco Grilli

Northern Italy, the Gianduja's one, is wide, then narrow and long. Stenterello's one is narrower than longer and that of Pulcinella is short, crooked ... but only if you look down.
We live in the same country and yet our perception of Italy is different.
We have joined the territories, but the people?
15 minutes to see if at least the puppets have understood Italy and the Italians!

12Thursday, October 13
Regional Museum of Natural Sciences
Hall of the Ark, 21.00

CLAIR DE LUNE Théâtre (Belgium)

by Paulo Ferreira
Directed by Elise Dethier
Set design Elise Dethier, Paulo Ferreira
Music Jean Jadin
Handling Paulo Ferreira

Performance of shadows without words. Music, images and sounds bring back to the games of childhood in a strangely comical world. The adventures of a little girl who dares to put his life and his dreams in constant confrontation between the world of adults (the conservatism of his father, the rigidity of his mother) and the imagination of children. She despises the clichés of pink princesses and her only friend is a bold hen that leads her to break out of the conventional schemes.

Paulo Ferreira, a Portuguese moved to Brussels, studied illustration, comics and art of clowning. Fond of shadow theater, he founded in 1990 the Company Clair de Lune. He brought to INCANTI in 2009 Le Cyclo théâtre, itinerant microshow which has toured the whole Europe.

11Friday, October 14
Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani

Sala Piccola, 10.00


Bobo Nigrone, Francesca Guglielmino and Fabiana Ricca
with Francesca Guglielmino and Fabiana Rich
sets and lighting Simona Gallo
director Bobo Nigrone
Onda Teatro production
in collaboration with Sistema Teatro Torino

With different levels of awareness depending on age, the desire of becoming big, to imitate adults, along with the desire to go into the world in its own way that children face are recognized and reflected in the adventure of growing up.

From 1996 Onda Teatro is betting on the communication skills of actors, dancers and musicians about the emotions that arise from their relations and the evocative power of sounds, images and words.
An essential theater that makes from the empty space the place of its imagination.
The staff of the company collaborates with the festival Incanti since 2008 and this year presents the new production in the Section for schools.

TrukiTrek2Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani
Sala Piccola, 20.30


with Lu Pulici, Magda Mañé, Kiko Lozano and Josep Piris
scenography Raffaella Brusaglino
puppets and script Lu Pulici and Josep Piris
costumes, music editor and director Lu Pulici

Hôtel Crab is a comedy of human puppets full of surprises, passions and misunderstandings; a story set in Russia at a time that is not real or present. A dreamlike atmosphere, voluntarily artificial to describe a hotel where nothing ever happens and the arrival of a guest who breaks the monotony.
A story without words with rapid mood changes in a plot very close to silent cinema.

Company founded in 1998, first working with marionettes and then, over the years, leaving place to parts of the body and finally arriving to the creation of living puppets. The mime as a universal language and the originality of the staging led the company to numerous international tours. Truk i Trek has performed in over 20 countries and reaches for the first time in Turin.



Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani
Foyer, 21.30

PEOPLE THEATRE / Vladimiro Strinati (Italy)
storytelling with puppets, objects and figures

by Danilo Conti, Antonella Pegs, Vladimiro Strinati
Vladimiro Strinati - directed by Danilo Conti
objects and figures Margherita Convents - costumes and tailoring Maria Rosa Bussaconi

We are on the eve of the unification of Italy and it is only with the help of a handful of brave men, an extraordinary and complex underground organization, that Garibaldi is able to pass through the pine forest, cross the Apennines reach Tuscany, set sail for Liguria and gain freedom.
Strinati leads us into the history of Italy with a theater of puppets, objects and narrative.



1Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani
Sala Piccola, 22.30

SANDOKAN or the end of the adventure

Freely adapted from "The tigers of Mompracem" by Salgari

playwriting Giovanni Guerrieri with the collaboration of Julia Gallo and Julia Solano
with Gabriel Carli, Giulia Gallo, Giovanni Guerrieri, Enzo Illiano, Julia Solano
Technician Federico Polacci
costumes Luisa Pucci

"... suppose enclosed within the walls of this dining room two terrible powers, which from the opposite sides of a dangerous stretch of sea are threatening! British invaders, settlers in Sarawak and the terrible pirates of Mompracem, paladins and avengers of the seas, led by the invincible Sandokan, the Tiger of Malaysia!
Provide for our failure with your imagination. Make of a man one thousand men; create with your fantasy of a powerful army. If we say ships imagine real ships, and watch them chase each other defying the fury of the winds. "

The company Sacchi di Sabbia, born in Pisa in 1995, has pointed its research towards the reinvention of a popular contemporary scene. Already winners of two ETI Awards, receiving a nomination for the Ubu Prize in 2003 it has won the Special Prize Ubu 2008. In the centenary of Salgari's death, it brings to Incanti one of their most popular shows for the lively and passionate style research.

14Saturday, October 15
Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani

Sala Grande, 20:30

CONTROLUCE Teatro d'Ombre (Italy)

music by Giuseppe Verdi
staging Controluce Teatro d'Ombre
new drama Alberto Jona, Jenaro Meléndrez Chas
original silhouettes Cora De Maria
choreographic movements Paola Bianchi and Raphael Bianco
with the collaboration of Enrica Brizzi
with Paola Bianchi, Raphael Bianco (dance)
Alberto Jona, Jenaro Meléndrez Chas (shadows)
lights Bruno Pochettino

Controluce proposes its new version of Aida, debuted last March at the International Festival of Puppet Theatre in Izmir (Turkey) on the occasion of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, promoted by the Italian Consulate in Izmir.

The opera is seen through the crevices of the psychology of Radames, torn between love and duty; An interpretation in intimate key bringing the opera to the structural tensions wanted by Verdi in which the Egyptian world is a kind of background, now evocation and story, now representation of power.
The dance and the light are both the expressive tools of the show, two dancers and their shadows, sometimes broken, distorted, partial, recount the tragedy through the eyes of a lost Radames.

13Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani
Foyer, 22.00

PEOPLE THEATRE / Gaspare Nasuto (Italy)

by and with Gaspar Nasuto

1864, Garibaldi scan the horizon from his small island, his red shirt shines under the warm sun of January. His foot tight in the brown leather boot still hurts. the wound inflicted by the army of the King to his heart at Aspromonte with the attempt to assassinate him burns.A special guest is arriving at the White House, this time is not one of the many admirers of the general. An eerie figure appears on the horizon.

Gaspare Nasuto, puppeteer since 1989, is an ambassador in the world of the mask of Pulcinella, Naples Museum of Acerra.

6Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani
Sala Piccola, 22.30

CONTROLUCE Teatro d'Ombre (Italy)
CHAT NOIR nine tails

masters of ceremonies Cora De Maria, Rosa Mogliasso, Massimo Arbarello
original silhouettes Cora De Maria

Coming back, one year after its debut, the erotic show of the company, revisited for the closing of the evening dedicated to the shadows. "... cheeky and ironic divertissement in which Controluce introduces eroticism in the world of shadows [...] microsshow reserved for few spectators inspired at the cabaret and the burlesque of the early twentieth century. The stylized black figures[... ]become so cheeky and carefree "explicit", giving a humorous and vulgar at all interlude to the public"(Laura Bevione -


strinati 13 73
Sunday, October 16
Royal Palace, 11.00

PEOPLE THEATRE / Entertainment for four shacks (Italy)
Gianluca Di Matteo, Marco Grilli, Gaspare Nasuto, Vladimiro Strinati

Appointment with the masks of the Italian tradition that narrate the Risorgimento thanks to the hands of four puppeteers, among the most popular nationally and internationally.

Pulcinella, Gianduja and other puppets will be the protagonists of some micro-shows in the first section of the Festival and then gather in a "four voices" show in the picturesque setting of the Royal Palace. It is new for INCANTI to propose a show on Sunday morning in one of the places more unusual for theatre.

estacionesSunday, October 16
Cavallerizza Reale, Manica Corta, 16.00 (Prospettiva 150)


subject and ideation Rubén Darío Salazar and Zenén Calero Medina
with Zenén Calero Medina, Iván García Díaz, Rubén Darío Salazar
production Zenén Calero Medina and Consejo Provincial de Matanzas for Performing Arts

Bola de Nieve: all dreams in a piano. No one knows how many things, how many melodies and memories may be hidden in the strings and between the keys of a piano; nobody even know how the truth of a life can be confessed to a keyboard of ebony and ivory. Teatro de las Estaciones leans on the piano to which "Bola de Nieve", born Ignacio Villa, perhaps left some confessions. There was once a child in the village of Guanabacoa who loved music, simple games and his mother. All these loves became one: the piano which in turn opened the door to other peoples and other loves. Por el monte carulé is a music album of memories and visions inspired by the songs of this icon of Cuban music.

Founded in 1994 in Matanzas, the Teatro de las Estaciones is at the forefront among the Cuban groups of "Figure Theatre". His work is directed towards the recovery of domestic and foreign theatrical texts, audiovisual materials, theoretical presentations and workshops on the art of puppetry. The group has received major awards at festivals and competitions in Cuba and has participated in international festivals in Spain, France, Mexico, Italy, Venezuela, Denmark, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and the United States.


4Sunday, October 16
Cavallerizza Reale, Manica Corta, 21.00 Prospettiva 150


construction, puppets and masks South Miller
original music Christian Laflamme
manipulation Jacob Brindamour
mechanisms and structures Sylvain Longpré
Jacob Brindamour and Chaterine C. Mousseau

"Le Cirque Orphelin is a clandestine meeting in a garden full of waste, oil cans, rusted metal and lost objects. Two hawkers tell the stories of their dreams and their fantasies with items collected from the four corners of the city, and create a "warehouse of dreams." In this kaleidoscopic delirium some tableaux vivants take shape evoking the life of a company of battered misfits: a mermaid without a tail, a circus wagon, a caterpillar "stoned" of barbiturates, an agoraphobic clown and an old transvestite. This little circus is the refuge for orphan objectss and strange puppets. Rehabilitation or exploitation? Be ye judge, Ladies and Gentlemen!"

One of the companies more awaited of the 2011, Les Sages Fous proposes a Theatre of Paradox: grotesque and poetic, ceremonial and mundane, where masks, puppets, objects and people coexist. A theater where the image and the gesture tell more than the words, a theater that surprises and disturbs because wild and unruly.

teatrodistintoMonday, October 17
Chalet Allemand Grugliasco (TO), 9:30 and 11:00 hours

KISH KUSH traces of a meeting

Scenario Childhood Award 2008 finalist project
by Daniel Gol and Alessandro Nosotti
director Laura Marchegiani

"How many languages ​​exist in the world, which sounds they have?
He, who speaks in a different way, is different from me?
How is the stranger? Which are his tastes?
What can I create with him? "

TeatroDistinto -company established in 2005, engaged in the social as well as in the theatre for children- leads the viewers to a reflection and discussion on the topic of diversity through sounds, shadows and objects used in a symbolic way. The show is included in the section for schools.

5Monday, October 17
Cavallerizza Reale, Manica Corta, 20.00 Prospettiva 150

GIULIO MOLNAR (Hungary-Italy)
Three short exorcisms for everyday's life

by and with Giulio Molnar

At the end of the 70s of last century an international shipment of pioneers advanced into the world of objects with the intention of digging material to study its nature. A member of the crew, who more than the others believed to identify in the objective of this mission the possible subject of his vocation, he penetrated too far into the unknown, where he is still missing. He is still there digging, amid signs that die and forms that extinguish. He digs in different directions, because the fund is large enough to not have to touch the same spot with the risk of recurrence. The rest of the group returned from the expedition with a valuable booty. Among the many finds, three archaeological fragments discovered and collected by him: The Trilogy of the Little Suicides. These pieces, according to reliable estimates, dating back to the early history of the Theatre of Objects and are a clear and elementary testimony of the existence of this genre. A bizarre language where the object is not camouflaged to play roles or characters of human affairs, but, accepting or trying to evade its objective function, represents himself with surprising dignity. A disconcerting nudity. The actor does not use objects to express himself, but helps them to narrate themselves.

A classic of the Theater of Objects, already presented at Incanti in 2003, returns to the Cavallerizza Reale for the latest chapter of the festival dedicated to history, as a true historical record of a genre that was born and shapes its identity in this same show.

10Monday, October 17
Cavallerizza Reale, Manica Corta, 22.00 Prospettiva 150


Opera in a refrigerator based on the "Flying Dutchman" by R. Wagner
objects and scene Antonio Panzuto
lights Gianugo Fabris
collaboration in setting Alberto Nonnato
director Alexander Tognon

A refrigerator gets animated: images, shadow puppets and paper figures explode from the appliance that turns into an opera house with even boxes and pit between vegetables and bottles. Animals, ships, mermaids, singers and fair characters move with the music of the Flying Dutchman by Wagner, Bizet's Carmen and some exciting music by Rossini.

The work of Antonio Panzuto, for the first time at INCANTI, surprises with its simple formula and great vital strength, which wants to seduce with the surreal lightness of the staging.

Tuesday, October 18
Chalet Allemand Grugliasco (TO), 10.30

KISH KUSH traces of a meeting

8Friday, October 28
Teatro Carignano, 21.00

(Manning & Truth)

Peter Schumann, Maura Gahan, Gregory Corbino, Susan Perkins, Katherine Nook, Damiano Giambelli, Genevieve Yeuillaz.
directed by Peter Schumann

with the participation of the students of the School of the Teatro Stabile di Torino

The puppet shows are related by definition to entertainment or to an irreverent irony; however, they can touch the burning themes usually hidden to the public or disclosed in distorted versions.
This show is dedicated to the brave soldier Bradley Manning, who has revealed the truth that could not be revealed, and now pay the consequences.
The show is divided into two parts: Modern Sky and Manning.

The company Bread and Puppet Theater was founded by Peter Schumann in New York in 1961. It has made ​​street performances using masks, puppets and marionettes of colossal dimensions, fusing music, dance, sculpture and happening and symbolically ending with the distribution of bread to the public. From this experience it comes the name of the group that sees the theater as a necessity, comparable to the bread.
The Schumann's company approaches to the protests in the seventies, becoming an active leader of a counterculture that crosses not only the U.S. but also Latin America and Europe with a keen interest in issues such as Universal Peace and Social Justice.

Incanti closes the 2011 edition with a special evening at the wonderful Teatro Carignano, where Bread and Puppet Theater will perform this new productionin in their only Italian date.

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