Cantiere project

LOGO CANTIERE gru4th OCTOBER, from 11.00h.
Sala Grande Casa del Teatro

CANTIERE project
selected companies' projects presentations
Andrei Balan, Rita Laforgia, Gal Orsolya
Chronos3, String Theatre, Teatro Invisibile
Silvia Torri, Turcaret Teatro

In collaboration with Puppet Festival di Gorizia, IF-OFF di Milano, Impertinente Festival di Teatro di Figura di Parma, Festival Internazionale dei Burattini e delle Figure Arrivano dal Mare di Ravenna, Immagini dell’Interno di Pinerolo, L’altro volto del Teatro di Cagliari.

Now in its seventh edition the CANTIERE Project sets out to accompaniment to production for young artists and companies of Puppet Theatre with the aim of further promoting this theatrical form in Italy, investing in a more structured and continuous way in the creativity and professionalism of young companies, supporting them in the creation of shows ready to be distributed, with a view to generational change-over.
CANTIERE intends to offer not only spaces where work may be seen, but also constant monitoring of a production with meetings for support and verification throughout a whole year. 8 companies that have passed the first selection phase will participate. This initiative has 7 partner festivals for the initiative that will be tutor and accompany the companies finally selected in the various phases of realization of the projects.
The debut of the final version of the shows of the selected companies will take place in the 2019 edition of INCANTI.

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