Presentation 2004

And here we are at the eleventh edition of INCANTI. Started with the support of the Piedmont Region Culture Office, which have been joined over the years the City of Turin, the Compagnia di San Paolo and the Fondazione CRT, INCANTI is now a festival well known internationally, collaborating with other Italian (Cagliari , Gorizia) and foreign (Wels, Belo Horizonte)festivals. The initial challenge of "a Festival of Puppet and alternative Theatre for adults in Turin" can be said won.
Coming to this year edition, as always we devote some space to the oriental roots of Puppetry: it starts with the very Chinese shadows of the company Hua Chou Yuan from Taiwan. From Portugal, instead, it arrives for the first time in Turin Bonecos de Santo Aleixo, from Èvora, where tradition merges Puppetry with Fado. As for research on Puppetry, also a main objective programming INCANTI, the edition hosts the Italian début of the show
"Schiklgruber" by Stuffed Puppet Theatre (Netherlands / Australia), a chilling journey in the last hours of Hitler created by the great actor and puppet's manipulator Neville Tranter. From UK Stephen Mottram comes back to the festival with his small automata of "Seed Carriers", a show now historic and never presented in Turin before. Also in the program the première of the show "B&B" (Beckett & Bacon) by Dr. Bostik, new production of Dino Arru; the Valentino's Flea Circus of Chiara Trevisan and the company GRM with Alice.
As for the shadow theater, L'Asina sull'Isola with "Logbook" tells about a particularly close theme as emigration. Furthermore Le Théâtre des Ombres of Toulouse with its suggestive shadows and a small project of didactic nature by CONTROLUCE Teatro d'Ombre, "Green Fairy Tale" little chamber opera created in collaboration with an instrumental and vocal complex from the Bonporti Conservatory of Riva Del Garda.
INCANTI's space for children sees the return of Is Mascareddas.
Like in past years there is a section devoted to animation film and video art in connection with Puppetry, in collaboration with V-Art Festival of Cagliari, with Giovanni Coda and Ana de Alvear. Finally, the workshops of shadow theater, in collaboration with the Education Department of the Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, is entrusted this year to Paolo Valli and Katarina Janošková of the company L'Asina sull'Isola. And then, as always, thanks to the public that follows INCANTI since eleven years ago, they has made possible this festival.

Torino September 2004

Controluce Teatro d'Ombre
Artistic direction                                Program 2004                 Istitutional presentation

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