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2009 - Festival Incanti - Teatro di Figura

Shadow Theatre workshop 2009



The workshop intends to work with the shadow from the observation of reality.

Workshop led by Alba Zapater member of the Theatre of Shadows Company La Cònica/lacònica.

Saturday October 3rd(10-13h, 14-17h) and Sunday October 4th (10-14h)

Shadows are seductive. Shadows arising from objects are textures, colors, reflections and multiple forms. To create with shadows is composing images. It is exciting to see that the shadow of the objects can be deformed, lengthen and become alive just with a soft movement of the light source. Watching the shadows around: in the morning, with the first rays of sun, the shadows are elongated figures ... or when sunlight illuminates a window and reflects on the floor ...

Sources of light and shadow qualities
The objects and its expressive power
Sound, music and shadows and dramatic structure
Creating an ephemeral piece

- Movements and actions of light and shadow
- Use of objects and materials
- What we see in the shadows
- Express a concept, an idea
- Development of a script

The work of the La Cònica / Lacònica is based on an open attitude to what we perceive, in a method based on the observation and research of the environment relating it to the creative process. Our fundamentals are shadow, light and music, to express an unusual world, subtle, ephemeral, constantly changing, and to discover other visions of reality. The company was founded in 1995 in Barcelona, it has been involved with shows and workshops in various international festivals in Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Germany, UK, Greece, Romania, Poland, Russia and Austria. Alba Zapater is currently residing in Denmark and works with, where she continues to research combining shadow theater with video.

Registration € 50, reductions € 30


tel. +39 011 19740267
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