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2006 - Festival Incanti - Teatro di Figura

Shadow Theatre workshop 2006

workshop valeria gugliettiWorkshop on hand shadows 

Shadow Theatre workshop with Valeria Guglietti (Argentine)
Castello di Rivoli Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Department of Education

Saturday September 30th and sundsay October 1st 2006, 10 – 13h
Available seats: 20

"All my shows preserve the silence to avoid language barriers, and maintain the code of Chinese Shadows made with hands and small accessories at the view of the spectator. I use simply a light source, a minimum of stage and a screen or white wall, thus I'm able to access all kinds of venues, auditorium, theater or community center. And consequently I can reach all audiences, reaffirming and spreading this traditional art, ancient and little-seen " Valeria Guglietti

Registration 20€

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