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2001 - Festival Incanti - Teatro di Figura

Shadow Theatre workshop 2001


workshop cengizKaragöz Shadow Theatre workshop 

Shadow Theatre workshop with Cengiz Ozek (Turkey)


Teatro del Castello di Rivoli Museo d'Arte Contemporanea

Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th, September 2001, schedule: Friday 15-18h, Saturday and Sunday 10-13h

The Shadow Theatre Cengiz Ozek was founded in 1986. The first production was "Love the Earth, Protect the Green", a play based on the Karagöz (traditional Turkish shadow theater) shamanic sources. With a large repertoire of classics Karagöz, Cengiz Ozek produced its first modern interpretation of Karagöz with  "the garbage monster" in 1998, the same year of the first International Puppet Festival in Istanbul, organized by him.


tel. 011 540675
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