PIP 2011directed by Giulio Molnar

28324391877 1d6b9549da zPIP 2011 directed by

Beatrice Baruffini,
Daniela Carucci,
Marta Cuscunà,
Irene Vecchia.
Direction assistent
Paolo Colombo

Creation: First period:
24th Aug. - 9th Sept. 2011
Second period:
7th - 12th October 2011

Debut: Wednesday 12th October, 22.30h. Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani - Sala Piccola

Giulio Molnar introduction:
After the infinite time of going on four legs, man stands defying habit and gravitation strength and moves the first step. He walks. He invented it and nobody makes it better for the moment. He walks, alone, in front of their similar yet on four legs and the carnal happiness, growing inside him, melts with the thrill of public success. In vain his tribe recall him to the old practices and try to keep him. The first step is done, who could stop him! If he falls, stands again; if he scrapes his knees, already forgotten; if he cries, he dries his eyes... he goes ahead, climbs to the top of the barricade and faces towards future.
The world seen from this new stature belongs to him and there is a lot of work to do. He must invent the wheel and the internal combustion engine, the gun powder and the comb, he must discover the course of one electron and have a walk on the moon, to compose Beethoven 9 symphony and drop the atomic bomb, to write the Critique of Practical Reason and the Ten Commandments, to exterminate peoples and protect the panda bear, to give vote to women and construct the pressure cooker... while the others, frightened, remain behind the barricade, sure that the stuff will explode.
And sometimes it explodes!

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