Eighth edition for the CANTIERE Project, which from last year accompany production for young artists and puppet theater companies.
INCANTI - Rassegna Internazionale di Teatro di Figura is supported by the active collaboration of important companies becoming partners of the project:

Alpe Adria Puppet Festival (CTA - Center for Animation and Figures of Gorizia)
IF -OFF / IF Festival (Teatro del Buratto di Milano)
Impertinente Festival di Teatro di Figura (Le Briciole Theater Solares Foundation for the Arts of Parma)
International Festival of Puppets and Figures Arrivano dal Mare (Teatro del Drago of Ravenna)
International Festival Immagini dall'Interno (The Floating Land of Pinerolo)
ANIMA International Festival (Is Mascareddas of Cagliari)
CANTIERE Project aims increasingly promoting Figure Theater in Italy by investing in creativity and professionalism of young companies in an structured and continuous way, following them in the realization of profesional performances


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pre-selection results:
Companies/Puppeteers entering Cantiere project 2019 Stage II:
Ingegnerie Emotive, Giulio Bellotto, Greta Di Lorenzo, Hombre Collettivo, Brat, Teatro di Piuma, Cane Nero

selection results:
Companies/Puppeteers going to stage III of Cantiere Project 2019:

Cane Nero with the same name show, Hombre collettivo with Le città Indicibili and Ingegnerie Emotive with Jumbo

Cantiere 2018 winner:



The jury composed of Jacques Trudeau (Canada), Dany Lefrancoise (Canada), Elena Munoz (Spain), Nadia Milani (Italy) and Mario Bianchi (Italy) used these words to motivate the choice to reward " Flirt": for the choice of theme, originality and courage. Also for the ability to mix irony and depth through skillful use of objects.

SPECIAL MENTION for the quality of work in the construction of Shadows and sound research to Orsolya Gal - Mario and the Magician (which title was changed after printing and distribution of our programs in "Short essay on uncertainty"

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Now in its seventh edition the CANTIERE project intends to become a path of accompaniment to the production for young artists and companies of Puppet Theater with the aim of further promoting this kind of theatre in Italy, investing in a more structured and continuous way in the creativity and professionalism of young companies, following them in the creation of shows ready to be distributed, with a view to generational change.

Unlike previous editions CANTIERE intends to offer not only spaces of visibility but constant support to production with moments of meeting, discussion and verification. Seven festival partners for this initiative will be tutors and accompany the companies in the various phases of realization of the selected projects.
Deadline for request of participation: 6th July 2018 ATTENTION DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 13 JULY 2018

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Incanti – Rassegna internazionale di Teatro di Figura in collaborazione con Puppet Festival di Gorizia, IF-OFF/IF Festival di Milano, Impertinente Festival di Teatro di Figura di Parma, Festival Internazionale dei Burattini e delle Figure Arrivano dal Mare di Ravenna, Immagini dell'Interno di Pinerolo, L'altro volto del Teatro di Cagliari.



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INCANTI 's contest aimed to young Puppet Theatre companies

PRIZE to the best STUDIO 1000€ and representations of the final show at Milano, Parma e Cagliari.

THEME 2017
Relationship Music-Puppetry, seeking diversification in the declinations of the role played by music in the competition pieces, from a structural element to an original approach or unusual relationship.

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Selected companies and dates

PRIZE 2017

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CANTIERE - V edition
INCANTI 's contest aimed to young Puppet Theatre companies

PRIZE to the best STUDIO 1000€ and representations of the final show at Milan and Cagliari.

THEME 2016
The relationship between Puppet Theatre and Cinema
This year's theme focuses on the relationship between Puppet Theatre and the Cinema, and the techniques of both languages.

Complete call         Application form

Deadline for submission of projects extended until June 26

selected companies  

Programme on 5th October

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