Quadrilatero Romano, via Bonelli
saturday 28th September  2013
21.00 and 23.30h.

project in collaboration with
Torino Spiritualità

idea and direction Roberta Lena
artistic interventions of
Controluce Teatro d'Ombre
L'Asina sull'isola
Tadeusz Wierzbicki
Stefano Giorgi

Five rooms where get in to enjoy the magical atmosphere of allegorical narratives from different religious traditions.
In any room a storyteller welcomes participants recalling stories of distant times and places, while on the walls a dance theater of shadows give form to the suggestion of the story, depicting the unspeakable, approaching the incomprehensible.

how to get there:
Quadrilatero Romano, via bonelli

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Thursday, October 27, 17:00
Hall of Columns, Teatro Carignano

Public meeting with Peter Schumann, Giuliano Scabia, Giovanni Moretti on the theme "History and Puppet Theatre" as a vehicle for diffusion and analysis.
peter schumann Incanti2011

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MAO Museo d’Arte Orientale, via San Domenico 11 Turin
Friday, 15th October, 18:00h
11Unusual Aspects in Jepanese Theatre: Otome Bunraku
talk with Masaya Kiritake, Luciana Galliano, Alberto Jona
with the collaboration of Roberta Vergagni
Schermata 2013-06-14 a 21.42.54

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