karakuriningyoWednesday 8th October - 8:00 PM

presentation of the book
Karakuri Ningyo, Japanese Automata

by Yasuko Senda

The passion for robots in Japan probably spread from the tradition of Karakuri Ningyo, a sort of wooden automata which reaches its apogee in the Japan of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Used as toy, in religious processions to stage myths and legends and more extensively in theatre, it has influenced other traditions such as Noh, Kabuki and Bunraku. Yasuko Senda, now Councilor of UNIMA Japan, studied the Karakuri Ningyo for 27 years and with the help of the translator Tom Slemons offers to the western reader a complete manual about history, genres, construction and mechanisms involved in this peculiar traditional form of Japanese theatre.

Yasuko Senda presents her book with the help of John McCormick, historian and founder of the Drama Department at the Trinity College of Dublin.


Saturday 11th October - 8:00 PM

presentation of the book:

"In Compagnia da 30 anni Is Mascareddas: una storia"

Edition Is Mascareddas, graphic and print: Arti Grafiche Pisano

The book traces the history of the company Is Mascareddas through the personal memories of its two founders: the master puppeteers Tonino Murru and Donatella Pau. A double testimony which shows the story of a golden era for the Italian "Figure Theatre", a form of folk art with social value and with educational and expressive strength unequalled . A narration also using images besides the texts through a rich set of photos by Graphic Arts Pisano. The book has been produced with the support of Provincia di Cagliari Cultural Office - Department of Cultural Affairs, Sports Promotion and Youth Policy.

The authors talk with Giovanni Moretti, president of the Istituto per i Beni Marionnettistice e il Teatro Popolare.


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In Collaboration with Istituto per i Beni Marionettistici e il Teatro Popolare e Libreria Legolibri

Casa del Teatro, cafè, corso Galileo Ferraris 266, Torino
Thursday 3rd October 2013, 20.00h.

librogulliverPresentation of the children's book All'ombra dell'uomo montagna (In the shadow of the mountain man) by Rosa Mogliasso, illustrations by Corallina De Maria, ed. Salani. The figure of Gulliver from the printed page went into the world of shadows thanks to words of Rosa Mogliasso, the music of Bruno Moretti and Controluce Theatre of Shadows, and then became again illustrated word in the book of Salani.

Presentation of the book Berta è scapata (Berta has escaped) by Fernando Marchiori, published by Titivillus in a new series dedicated to the youth and illustrated by Franco Hüller. A story of friendship, solidarity and feelings in a Gorizia still divided by the border between Eastern and Western Europe.

how to get there: Casa del Teatro, cafè

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libro Allegri

Sunday 21st october, 19.00h

Casa del Teatro, Coffeshop

Presentation of the book "THE WORLD OF FIGURES. Puppets, marionettes, Sicilian pupi, shadows, by Luigi Allegri and Manuela Bambozzi, Publisher Carocci.

participation of Luigi Allegri, Alfonso Cipolla, Alberto Jona, John McCormick, Jenaro Meléndrez Chas, Giovanni Moretti

Thanks for collaboration:
LEGOLIBRI, via Maria Vittoria 31 - Torino

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