2017 Sculpture Exhibition: Donatella Pau

doni escult AROUND INCANTI

From 3 to 7 October
Caffetteria Casa del Teatro

 -ognuna ha la sua vita-

artworks by Donatella Pau

Inauguration of the exhibition and of the 24th edition of Incati at 7.00pm.

Donatella Pau is a sculptor, a puppeteer and a puppet creator. She's created the theatre characters, the shows and the workshops of the Is Mascareddas company for more than 30 years. She's the co-founder and the art director of the company.
Some of her most beautiful masterpieces will be shown in the Caffetteria area of Casa Teatro. The entrance to the exhibition will be free for everybody, everyday until saturday.

As Marco Peri wrote about this exhibit, "the characters are female souls with an incredible power of expression. Rough shapes which hold a silent dialogue made of gazes and visual responses: it's almost like a narration that reveals itself through the smallest details and through the peaceful poses. The puppets are made out of little pieces of cloth, found old wood, iron and metal sheets, but they rather seem to be made of dreams and poetry. The frail figures narrate of a mixture of influences and are able to arouse deep reflections: they take the audience to a dreamful world that doesn't exclude tensions. We feel that the characters constantly try to transform themselves: they look so light and insecure that we could think they're waiting to turn into something else".


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