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Around Incanti 2016 - Festival Incanti - Teatro di Figura

pesce327th September, 19.00h.
Casa del Teatro


curated by Stefano W. Pasquini
Accademy "Albertina" of Fine Arts in Turin

urban landscapes, hot air balloons, logos, puppets, strings and film clapperboard.... more than 70 Academy students of the Graphic Techniques Special Course, under the guidance of Stefano W. Pasquini, have welcome the proposal of inventing the graphic image for INCANTI 2016. This is the last stage of the journey to present and share with Incanti's public a selection of this research best results.

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mostraliceonene 27th September, 19.00h. Casa del Teatro


Designed and constructed by the students of Visual Arts classes 4B and 5B of the First Art School of Turin guided by Prof. Germana Celoria, for the staging of Hamlet at the festival LANGUAGES ON STAGE 2016 - City of Turin

The shadow, mystery and unconscious, pervades Hamlet: from the specter of the father to the play of theatre inside theatre with which Hamlet stages his father's death. The project Languages in scene in 2016 was built around such imputs and had an enthusiastic response from the First Art School students, who gave body to the shadows for the shadow scenes thought by Alberto Jona. Incanti hosts the exhibition of this material with the aim of offering continuity and breath to the work of the students and to their passion for shadows.

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logo PMK           logo mnc2logoINCANTI 



in collaboration with
Puppet Museum Kihachiro Kawamoto of Iida, Japan
Museo Nazionale del Cinema



Sunday 2nd October, 18:30h
Cinema Massimo, sala 3


The animation films of Kihachiro Kawamoto

introduced by Dario Tomasi


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Bunraku1piccola INCANTI
Rassegna Internazionale di Teatro di Figura
XXIII Edition
Museo d'Arte Orientale

in collaboration with
Unima Japan

Introduction to Bunraku Theater
masterful lesson by Yasuko Senda (Japan)

Thursday 6th October 2016, 18:00h.
Museo d'Arte Orientale
via S. Domenico 11, Turin

Bunraku is one of the major artistic expressions of Japan in the field of performing arts, recognized as Intangible Cultural Property of the country in 1955 and also designated by UNESCO as Intangible Heritage of humanity in 2003.

This theatrical form emerged during the early Edo period around 1600 and it is characterized by the use of large puppets, manipulated on sight. Each puppet is moved by three handlers. Despite the use of puppets, Bunraku is not a children's theater. The Bunraku theater requires also the presence of skilled narrators and samisen players for the musical accompaniment.

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