2015 In occasion of the birthday of Magazzini Oz

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Saturday 10th October 16.00h. Magazzini OZ

chamber culinary routes

with Giusi Bisignano, Federica Brambini, Stefania Cassese, Stefania Gallo, Letizia Marrone, Giulia Miniati, Greta Pavese, Fabiana Pistillo, Daniela Pisci, Davide Quarona, Francesca Savini, Ariela Stingi e Luca Zilovich

curated by Controluce Teatro d'Ombre in collaboration with Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani Onlus / La Piccola Accademia

Since 2011 INCANTI and the Piccola Accademia collaborate on a series of educational and performance oriented projects. The idea for this edition has been to create small chamber performances dedicated to the food, in collaboration with the MagazziniOz of Turin.
Students and alumni of the Small Academy, after a short workshop, have created small plays using different theatrical languages as Object/Visual/Narrative Theater, Puppets, Marionets, Shadows. In occasion of EXPO 2015 also Puppetry comes to food.

Saturday 10th October 16.00h. Magazzini OZ



Performance by Teatro Urbano. Project and direction Bobo Nigrone
with Claudia Appiano, Marta Barattia, Vincenzo Di Federico, Giulia Miniati, Davide Nepote Valentin, Giulia Rabozzi, Francesca Savini, Marzia Scala
dance movements Stefano Mazzotta – Zerogrammi

in collaboration with Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani Onlus / La Piccola Accademia

On the stage appear six elegant ladies equipped with cutlery and napkin ready to attend a gala dinner and an unlikely pair of chefs to receive them. But there is an unexpected absent that threatens to ruin the evening: There is not food!
Between choral narratives, nonsense events and danced actions, the show leads us to a light reflection on the relationship with food and the possibility of a change, suggesting a different conception of man's relationship with the environment.

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