2015 Avant Premiere INCANTI with the TPE


AVANT PREMIÈRE INCANTI starts this year in collaboration with Fondazione Teatro Piemonte Europa.
From 22nd to 26th September, in occasion of the 2015-2016season subscription campaign's opening, the Fondazione Teatro Piemonte Europa will host in the bathrooms of the Astra Theatre of Turin the show:


by and with Marta Di Giulio and Marzia Scala, with the colaboration of Alice De Bacco

A journey into a world of sounds and lights for two spectators and mp3 player.
A toilet trip without excesses. Ready? Go!

MARTAeMARZIA collaborate for the performance inECcesso, born in 2013 from a project created by CONTROLUCE Teatro d'Ombre and the Piccola Accademia del Teatro Ragazzi e dell'Animazione della Fondazione TRG onlus. Produced by INCANTI it has debuted at the Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani and was furtherly replayed in different occasions including Turin Fringe Festival and the disco Concept at Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto (Biella).

In collaboration with the Fondazione Teatro Piemonte Europa


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