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Around Incanti 2013 - Festival Incanti - Teatro di Figura


Quadrilatero Romano, via Bonelli
saturday 28th September  2013
21.00 and 23.30h.

project in collaboration with
Torino Spiritualità

idea and direction Roberta Lena
artistic interventions of
Controluce Teatro d'Ombre
L'Asina sull'isola
Tadeusz Wierzbicki
Stefano Giorgi

Five rooms where get in to enjoy the magical atmosphere of allegorical narratives from different religious traditions.
In any room a storyteller welcomes participants recalling stories of distant times and places, while on the walls a dance theater of shadows give form to the suggestion of the story, depicting the unspeakable, approaching the incomprehensible.

how to get there:
Quadrilatero Romano, via bonelli

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In Collaboration with Istituto per i Beni Marionettistici e il Teatro Popolare e Libreria Legolibri

Casa del Teatro, cafè, corso Galileo Ferraris 266, Torino
Thursday 3rd October 2013, 20.00h.

librogulliverPresentation of the children's book All'ombra dell'uomo montagna (In the shadow of the mountain man) by Rosa Mogliasso, illustrations by Corallina De Maria, ed. Salani. The figure of Gulliver from the printed page went into the world of shadows thanks to words of Rosa Mogliasso, the music of Bruno Moretti and Controluce Theatre of Shadows, and then became again illustrated word in the book of Salani.

Presentation of the book Berta è scapata (Berta has escaped) by Fernando Marchiori, published by Titivillus in a new series dedicated to the youth and illustrated by Franco Hüller. A story of friendship, solidarity and feelings in a Gorizia still divided by the border between Eastern and Western Europe.

how to get there: Casa del Teatro, cafè

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The project Images of Images will not be realized according to the information published in the brochure. It is foreseen a photo exhibition dedicated to the present edition, by various authors, in coincidence with the edition 2014.

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