museo cinema AROUND INCANTI
MARIONETTES & CINEMATOGRAPHY in collaboration with
Museo Nazionale del Cinema
and ASIFA Italia

Sunday 6 October at 20.30
Cinema Massimo



introducing Stefano Boni, Andrea Pagliardi, Eugenia Gaglianone
duration 75 '(English subtitles)

Also this year Incanti offers a look at the animated cinema in stop motion to the Turin public. If in the past we have focused on Great Classics, this time instead, we decided to dare "something completely different”, as the Monthy Pytons would have said. The film Panic in the village (2009) by the Belgians Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar is an unpredictable and surreal story set in an absurd world yet very familiar to all of us: who did not play, as a child, with the farm animals and maybe an Indian and a cowboy in pure plastic? Who did not try to mix them all together in stories with no head or tail for the pure fun of the game? Here, Panic in the Village is just that: Cowboy and Indian living rambling and exhilarating adventures enjoyable by all children, even those 40 or 50 years old.

Tickets for sale at the Cinema Massimo.

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